Compact Flash Card Recovery Software

  • All in one software to recover both deleted and lost data from Compact Flash cards
  • Recover corrupt CF card files and also restore data from inaccessible and accidentally formatted memory cards
  • Restore photos, audios, videos and several other types of files on file signature basis
  • Perform CF card recovery on Mac as well as on Windows Operating System
  • Supports all popular brands of CF cards like SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, etc.





Do you want to recover lost or accidentally deleted files from CF card?

Don't Panic! Make use of this reliable and professional CF Card Recovery Software...

Professional photographers have a few choices with regard to storage devices that need to be used with today’s digital cameras. CF cards are most popularly used removable storage devices in today’s market. The CF cards are only about a size of a matchbox. These CF cards contain built-in controller that tells the card whether to read/write the data or not. CF cards are more durable however, they are physically larger compared to other type of memory cards. These cards are also compatible with the IDE and ATA hard drives therefore they are also used with the number of embedded systems as a solid-state drive. CF cards have a controller chip that attempts to prevent the premature wearing out of a particular sector by spreading the data out over the device when writing.

Let us consider a scenario, where you wanted to take lots of pictures using your digital camera when on vacation. After capturing lots of photos, you suddenly encounter a battery low problem in your Digital Camera. Since the moments you are about to capture are so precious, you just ignored the battery low indication and again captured few more photos as you were not having another set of batteries to insert or to charge and at last your digital camera gets abruptly turned off! After returning from the trip, when you turned on your digital camera, you were unable to view few precious images and after sometime, when you connected it to your system, it displays an error indicating that the memory card is corrupted. In order to access or recover CF card data or photos, you just connected it to another computer so that you can access it by any means. However, you end up in the same error i.e. CF card is corrupt!!! Including this, there are several other reasons due to which you may end up in losing data from CF card.

  • Abrupt Removal of CF Card from a Camera or Card Reader during the Read/Write Process: If you remove the CF card while the data is being written to your CF card or while downloading the images from CF card to your computer then you may lose data. Similarly, if you interrupt the read/write process by accidentally turning off the camera or by removing the CF card without turning off your digital camera then also there are lots of chances of losing your essential data.

  • When the CF Card is subjected to its Extreme Condition: Mishandling the CF card or the camera where the CF card is inserted may also result in data loss. Mishandling in the sense, capturing photos even when the CF card storage capacity gets full as this may corrupt the file system of your CF card making all your data inaccessible. In most severe conditions, few of your images may get overwritten by new pictures resulting in permanent loss of photos.

  • Accidentally Formatting CF Card: You might have formatted your CF card to get rid of viruses thinking that you have already taken a backup of essential files stored on your CF card. Later, you realized that some precious files are missing from your backup file means you have not taken a backup of that folder by mistake and formatted the CF card. As formatting deletes everything stored on your CF card, you will lose all your data if backup is not available.

  • Deletion of Data by Mistake: You have accidentally deleted some folders from the CF memory card when it is connected to your computer and then to get back those files as usual you checked the Recycle Bin. However, you were unable to find the files deleted from memory card in the Recycle Bin as the files deleted from CF memory card bypasses the Recycle Bin.
  • No need to worry at all!!!  Even though you have encountered any one of the problems mentioned above, there are still chances to recover files from CF card by using the CF Card Recovery Software. But, you need to make sure that the files which have been deleted or lost from the CF cards have not been overwritten by new files. In other words, you should not copy or save any files over the CF card to avoid permanent data loss.

    Many professional digital cameras support RAW image file formats. Losing pictures of RAW file format from CF card is unbearable as it may contain your priceless moment of your life such as your brother’s marriage, trips with friends, birthday bash, etc. But, RAW files can also be recoverable by the usage of this CF Card Data Recovery Utility easily.

    Also, various types of video files can be stored in CF card & accessed when desired by the user. Due to certain reasons there may be loss of video files from the storage device. Don't get tensed, as you can easily come to know how to recover CF card data or video files by using the services of this application.

    Essential features of CF Card Recovery Software:

    • Recover photos from Compact Flash card as well as files that have been accidentally deleted or lost due to any complex reasons.
    • It has strong scanning algorithms that effectively recover files from CF card with utmost ease.
    • The software efficiently perform Lexar CF card recovery and supports other famous brands of CF cards like Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, HP etc.
    • Works well on latest versions of both Windows and Mac Operating Systems to recover CF card after formatting, corruption, virus attack, etc.
    • This advanced application also built with user friendly interface that guides you how to recover CF card data within few mouse clicks.
    • Formatted CF card recovery is also possible including corrupted or inaccessible CF card recovery by using this reliable tool.

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    Only 3 steps to know how to recover CF card data:

    Step 1: Download and install the CF card Recovery Software on your computer and then connect the CF card either by using a card reader or USB cable. After launching the software, select “Recover Photos” from the main screen and then select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next screen for recovering CF card data.

    CF Card Recovery - Main Screen

    Figure A. Main Screen

    Step 2: Now, you need to select the CF card and click on “Next” option to recover files from CF card.

    CF Card Data Recovery - CF card Selection Screen

    Figure B. Select CF Card

    Step 3: Once the CF card data recovery is done successfully, view the recovered files using “Preview” option either by using “File Type View” or “Data View”.

    Recover Files from CF Card - Preview Screen

    Figure C. Preview Recovered Files

    How to avoid data loss in the future?

    • You must ensure that you have a proper backup of essential data before deleting or formatting the memory cards
    • Make use of Powerful Antivirus applications to get rid of viruses
    • Do not keep on capturing photos even when your card reaches its maximum storage capacity
    • Always turn off the camera before removing the memory card from your camera

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