Unreadable CF Card Recovery

A CF (Compact Flash) card is a flash memory mass storage device, which is used in portable electronic devices. They are supported by many professional devices and high end consumer devices. It is used to store digital data like audios, videos and so on.  They are often used in mobile phones and cameras. It has unique features over other memory cards (SD, memory sticks, etc), such as its volume is usually more, read and writes speed is much faster and many more. Sometimes, the CF card becomes unreadable due to various issues and the user may find hard to retrieve unreadable CF card.

You must have taken almost 400 photos from your camera which has 8GB CF card. You decided to sell it and buy a new camera. So, you inserted the 8GB CF card on your new camera and continued capturing photos without noticing that it is almost full. But when you connected CF card to the system via card reader to keep the backup of photos, it seems to be unreadable. After this situation, you must be in a confusion state and might be thinking is there any way to make the card readable? Don’t worry, here is the ever best way. You can get back unreadable CF card by using CF Card Recovery software unless you avoid usage of it immediately as once overwritten data cannot be recovered at any cost. This software helps you to perform unreadable CF card recovery and if the photos are accidentally deleted or lost due to any complex reasons, then also it will help you to recover photos from Compact Flash card.

Reasons behind unreadable of CF card:

  • Abrupt removal of CF card: CF card should not be removed from the camera while capturing photos from it. If it is removed abruptly, then the CF card becomes unreadable and data will be inaccessible.
  • File System Corruption in CF card: File system of CF card gets corrupted due to severe virus infection when connected to the infected system via card reader. As a result of this, it makes the CF card unreadable resulting in loss of valuable data.
  • Improper Mounting of CF card: CF card must be properly mounted on the camera or on the system via card reader . If the CF card reader is not mounted properly, then there are chances of CF card becoming unreadable.

Relax!! Don’t get tensed. By making use of CF Card Recovery software, you can know how to recover unreadable CF card from all the above circumstances.

Outstanding Features of CF Card Recovery software:

CF Card Recovery is the perfect software to restore unreadable CF card. This software can also recover both lost and deleted data from CF cards. This software has a capability to get back data like audios, photos, documents, videos and all other types of files based on their distinctive file signature. With the help of this software, formatted CF card recovery is also possible. This software performs unreadable CF card recovery on both Mac and Windows Operating System. The software helps in recovering files from various brands of CF card like HP, SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung, Kodak, Panasonic and many more. Though it can recover unreadable CF card, it can also recover data from corrupt CF card with great ease. It guides you well to retrieve unreadable CF card and get back your priceless pictures by using this software.

Procedure to recover unreadable CF card:

Step 1: Download the CF card recovery software and install it to retrieve unreadable CF card. After that, connect the CF card and launch the software. Once the application is launched properly, select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen and then select the “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next window to perform unreadable CF card recovery.

Recover Unreadable CF card  - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select corrupted CF card and click on “Next” option to recover unreadable CF card from which data has been lost.

Recover Unreadable CF card  - CF card Selection Screen

Step 3: After clicking on the “Next” option, the software starts scanning the CF card to recover lost data. Once the scanning and recovery is done successfully, you can view the recovered files using “Preview” option.

Recover Unreadable CF card  - Preview Screen

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