Worried after losing RAW images from digital camera?

You captured pictures of various events such as trip with friends, birthday bash, marriage ceremony and so on. The photos remind you of the wonderful times spend with your family & friends and make you glad. And losing such images from CF card of the digital camera would be awful moment for you. There are number of circumstances under which you may lose RAW files from CF card. No body intentionally erases files from CF card. A small mistake done by you will result in loss of files from it.

No matter what may be the reason you were just concerned about your favorite RAW images, which are no more present in CF card. You must be thinking if it is possible to find missing RAW files from CF card. Don’t be disheartened!!! You can make use of reliable recovery tool for recovering RAW files from CF card. Unless & until your CF card is not damaged physically & are not overwritten with new pictures then you can recover RAW files from CF card with ease.

Let us discuss some common reasons that may cause loss of RAW files from CF card:

  • Faulty firmware of digital camera may be one of the reasons for CF card corruption. It disorders internal log files of the CF card making it unrecognizable. Thus, card reader is unable to read the content of CF card. Thus due to this reason you may lose your precious RAW pictures from the card.
  • Format error makes CF card files inaccessible. This error may compel you to format the card as a result of which you will suffer from data loss if you do not have proper back up. Improper formatting or using same CF card in different cameras also leads to corruption of CF card & hence loss of RAW files.
  • Corruption of CF card files system due to infectious virus attack, incorrect data operations, incomplete file transfer, etc. also leads to loss of files from CF card.
  • If you pull out the CF card all of a sudden from the camera when it is on or when file transfer process is going on.
  • Taking new images when CF card has full memory or when digital camera is showing low battery message.

CF card recovery tool has a built in special algorithms to restore RAW files from CF card that are lost/deleted.   Not only this it can also recover images of different file formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc. If you have formatted CF card by mistake while performing some other functions then also you can use this utility to recover formatted CF card data. This professional recovery software is compatible with both Type-I and Type-II CF cards. If you want to bring back missing images or any other type of files from CF card this offers a helping hand. You can use Mac version of the software to recover CF card data on Mac.

Steps to perform RAW file recovery from CF card:

Step 1: Connect CF card in your system. After launching the softwar select “Recover Photos” option from the home screen and then choose either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option.

Recovering Raw Files from CF Card - Main Screen

Step 2: You can find your CF card along with the list of available drives, select the CF card and then click on “Next” option to start the scanning process

Recovering Raw Files from CF Card - CF card Selection Screen

Step 3: Once the recovery is done, you can view recovered RAW files using “Preview” option.

Recovering Raw Files from CF Card - Preview Screen

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