CF Card Recovery on Mac

Like any specialized field, digital imaging using digital camera  has its own jargon. Nowadays, digital cameras are useless without the Memory cards. Even though few digital cameras come with in-built memory, it is not sufficient to store photos as much as you want. Only, it allows you to store a few numbers of photos. That’s the main reason why memory cards came into existence. Among all, the most common preference is given to the CF card that has no moving parts and has proven to be extremely stable under adverse conditions. Compact Flash Cards are also compatible with music players, PDA’s and other electronic devices including digital cameras.

However, like any other type of memory cards, CF cards are also prone to corruption and data loss problems. Data loss may be as simple as accidental deletion or as complex as corruption or formatting the card. Here are a few common reasons due to which you may lose data from a CF card on your Mac Operating System.

Deletion of files by mistake: You might have accidentally deleted files from CF card like photos while previewing on the camera or computer. When you delete photos from the camera, there is no separate option to store the deleted photos like Recycle Bin or Trash, And, when you delete any files or photos on the Mac computer from CF card then they does not move to the Trash instead they bypass it. In both cases, you cannot restore the data by any means except CF Card Recovery Software. One can know how to retrieve deleted folders from memory card, by visiting at -

Abrupt removal of CF card: If you remove the CF card from card reader that is connected to your Mac during data transfer or remove the CF card without turning off the camera then your CF card may get corrupted resulting in a loss of files. When your CF card gets corrupted, you will get strange errors making all your data inaccessible.

Accidentally formatting the CF card: You might have accidentally formatted your CF card instead of performing some other function. Or else, you might have formatted CF card by assuming that you have backup of essential files. However, later you realized that the backup is also not working properly. What now?? Formatting erases all your data from CF card resulting in data loss

CF Card Recovery Tool is one of the best software that helps you out in all the above mentioned problems CF card recovery on Mac. This software can easily support both Type I and Type II CF cards in order to restore CF card data on Mac. This software has the ability to recover photos from compact flash card used on different digital cameras like Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Kodak, Canon, Nikon etc. This software helps you in CF card recovery on Mac to restore various types of files on the basis of their unique file signature.

If your CF card is corrupted due to abrupt removal of card during data transfer, power failures, improper system shutdown during data transfer, virus attacks etc. then also you can use this software as it can easily recover CF card data on Mac systems. This software is capable of performing corrupt CF card recovery on Mac computers like MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air etc. It is safe, easy and fast recovery process to recover CF card Mac. This advanced application helps you to recover CF card Mac as well as on Windows OS. Even after formatting the card, it can efficiently restore CF card data on Mac systems. Visit: to restore formatted CF card data. It also supports different brands of CF cards like SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston etc. It supports CF card recovery on Mac of all latest versions like Mac OS X like Mac Leopard, Lion and Snow Leopard. It has strong scanning algorithms to recover CF card data on Mac. It also has simple GUI that guides you how to recover CF card data on Mac.

This application tool also supports the recovery of video files that are present in the CF memory card. This card gets back all types of video files that were deleted or lost from this storage media. Due to the certain reasons like file system corruption, virus attack, power surge while transferring files some of the video files present in it are gone. Don't get upset!!!Go to this site for information about the recovery procedure of the video files from CF memory card.

Steps to retrieve CF card data on Mac:

Step 1: Download and install the CF card Recovery Software on your Mac computer and then connect the CF card either by using a card reader or USB cable. Once you launch the application successfully, select “Recover Photos” from the main window and then select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next window to recover CF card Mac.

CF card Recovery Software - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the CF card from where you accidentally deleted or lost the data and then click on “Next” option to perform data recovery

CF card Recovery Tool - CF card Selection Screen

Figure B. Select Drive

Step 3: After successfully completing the data recovery, view recovered files using “Preview” option

Recover data from CF card - Preview Screen

Figure C. View Types

Valuable Tips to avoid data loss

  • Make a habit of taking a backup of essential data before deleting or formatting the CF cards on a Mac computer
  • Powerful Antivirus applications should be used to avoid data loss due to harmful viruses
  • Avoid removing memory card when the camera is on
  • Do not capture the photos instantly. Wait until the captured image gets written to the card
  • Use “Safely Remove Hardware” icon to eject the memory cards properly

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