How to Recover Deleted Folders from Memory Card?

A memory card is a small storage device used in many portable electronic gadgets like digital cameras, mobile phones, Laptops, etc. It is mainly used for storing data such as text, photos, videos, photos, etc. You can keep large number of files by creating folders on memory cards. The most popularly used memory cards are SD, CF, MMC, Memory Stick, Smart Media, etc. However, imagine the situation where you have deleted important folders from your memory card. In that case, how do you retrieve deleted folders from memory card? There is no need to bother over the deleted folders since the memory card recovery software is easily available on internet. It helps to bring back all deleted folders within a short duration. This tool works effectively to recover deleted files from Compact Flash card and also other memory cards.

Most of the people may delete folders accidentally from the memory cards. This scenario is very common, which happens to everyone, on one or the other. At times, it may results in loss of important photos and videos. There is no way to bring back those happy moments once again in your life. Only the photos are the way to preserve past memories, till your death. It may be a heart breaking to lose precious files stored in your memory card. Sometimes, missing of files may leads to great financial loss or it affects on your business. To get rid of all these worries, the use of memory card recovery software is enough. One can also get the software to recover files from formatted CF card with ease.

Let us look at the situation where user has the chance to miss folders from memory cards. Suppose you are a memory card user, obviously, one day you need to transfer files and folders from your card, to the computer. In fact, it is a most common practice for all professionals and also home users. There are many users may do mistakes while transferring files to the computer, which ultimately results in loss of folders from the card. One such mistake is like using Cut Paste operation for moving files and abruptly removing the card when the file transfer process is still going on. In this case, you cannot find the folders neither in the memory card nor your computer hard disk. At this critical situation, it is better to go through the memory card recovery software for a complete deleted folder recovery solution.

Like this, there are many other cases where the people may delete folders inadvertently while operating cameras, mobiles, etc. No matter how the folders get deleted from your memory card, this recovery software is always with you for a precise recovery results. This would help you to find deleted folders since it has inbuilt scanning algorithm. It can be used for all types of memory cards. One can visit here for the complete procedure to perform CF card photo recovery. It is capable to get back any folder, which is containing media files or documents. This software is made with a user-friendly interface so that the normal people can also recover folders without any difficulties. You can also assess the recovery possibilities by using free demo version of this software. In order to know more about not recognized CF card recovery on Windows 10 computer, check this page:

Steps to get back deleted folders from memory card

Step1: First connect your memory card to a computer where the recovery software was installed.

Step2: Now run the software and select “Recover Photos” option from main Window as shown in Figure 1. By going through this option, the software will let you to find all deleted photos, videos, music, etc.

How Do You Retrieve Deleted Folders from Memory Card? - Main Window

Figure 1. Main Window

Step3: From the next screens select “Recover Deleted Photos” option and choose memory card from which you want to retrieve deleted folders. After that click on next arrow button as shown in Figure 2.

How Do You Retrieve Deleted Folders from Memory Card? - Select Memory Card

Figure 2. Select Memory Card

Step4: Wait while the memory card is scanning and once it is completed, you will get the list of recovered files, which you can view along with the signatures by using "File Type View" option as shown in Figure 3.

How Do You Retrieve Deleted Folders from Memory Card? - Preview Screen

Figure 3. Preview Screen

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