Accidentally formatted CF card and lost all your valuable photos?

Stay Calm!!! It is still possible to restore formatted CF card files by using CF Card Recovery Software...

Today’s digital cameras are increasingly demanding on storage capacity as the megapixel resolution raises with the introduction of newer and  higher performance digital cameras. A 512MB memory card would have been more than sufficient , say in earlier days, but that is relatively low by today’s standard. Now, it is easy to see that solid state memory cards are only affordable at low capacity points and the prices seem to escalate exponentially with the storage capacities. Although solid state memory cards are very affordable these days, an enthusiastic photographer would always  prefer to carry high capacity memory cards around so that their creative inspiration would not be interrupted by the need to swap the memory cards or ending up in “card full” message.

The CF card is one among such memory cards that provides higher storage capacities. It is available in two formats i.e. Type I and Type II cards that are logically same but physically, there is a little difference. Even though it provides greater storage capacity, it may also become full. In such case, either you need to use another memory card, delete some unwanted photos or transfer all those images to a computer and then format your CF card. Formatting your CF card once in a while is a good idea to clean it and keep its data structure organized in a proper way. However, accidentally formatting the CF card without even transferring the images or taking a backup make you lose your essential data from CF card. Interestingly, it may take a while to realize that you have accidentally formatted the CF card without taking backup of any essential folder that had essential files. You might have clicked on “Format” option instead of deleting some unwanted photo using “Delete” option while previewing the photos in your camera. When you click on “Format” option, all your photos get deleted resulting in loss of valuable photos. In such instances, you can get back all lost data by using CF memory card recovery software. Using this software, you can also perform Canon CF card recovery within few mouse clicks.y

However, formatting process does not delete the data permanently i.e. beyond the recovery. It just creates the new directory structure making all your data invisible and inaccessible. Since allocation information of each and every file is stored in the directory structure, you cannot access the data without using a file system. In order to access those images or files, you need this special CF Card Recovery Software. This software can scan your entire CF card using inbuilt scanning engines by sector by sector basis and then restore the images lost due to accidentally formatting the Compact Flash cards. This software can perform CF card photo recovery from different popular brands like SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Lexar, HP etc.

If your CF card is corrupted, damaged or inaccessible due to some complex reasons like virus attacks, format error, abrupt removal of memory card or improper formatting the card then also you can use this software. Using this software, you can know how to recover files from corrupt CF card with utmost ease and in less span of time. If you are a Mac user and lost files from your CF card then you can recover data on your Mac machine by using this software. The Mac version of the CF Card Recovery Software is available to recover CF card Mac Operating System like Mac Snow Leopard, Lion and Mac Leopard.

If your CF card becomes unreadable due to abrupt removal of CF card, improper mounting of CF card and so on, then don't panic!! With the help of this software, you can also recover unreadable CF card without any difficulty.

Few easy steps to perform formatted CF card recovery

Step 1: Download the free demo version of the CF card recovery software and install it. Now, connect the CF card and launch the software. After launching the application, select “Recover Partitions/Drives” option from the main screen and then select the “Formatted or Reformatted Recovery” option from the next screen.

CF card Recovery Software - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select accidentally formatted CF card and click on “Next” option to restore the data from CF card

CF card Recovery Tool - CF card Selection Screen

Step 3: As you click on the “Next” option, the software starts scanning the CF card. Once the scanning and recovery is done successfully, you can view the recovered files using “Preview” option

Recover data from CF card - Preview Screen

Simple Tips:

Always make sure that you have a proper backup of essential files before formatting the CF card. Also, check the backup copy of essential files to make sure that it is working properly and you have all the files that you really need.

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