CF Card Error Recovery

Compact Flash (CF) is a flash memory card commonly used in electronic devices like Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones, Camcorders etc. It was first developed by SanDisk in the year 1994. There are two types of CF card: Type1 and Type2 cards. The thickness of Type 1 CF Card is 3.3mm and will operate in CF Type1 or CF Type2 slot. The Type2 cards are 5 mm thick and can only be inserted in a Type2 slot. Size of the CF card is similar to matchbook's size. The CF card makes easy to add variety of files in different computing devices like digital cameras and music players, digital audio recorders and so on.

But there are chances of CF Card displaying an error message. Let us consider a scenario where your CF card gets corrupted. You would have taken almost 500 photos on your friend's wedding. After two days, while seeing the photos, suddenly it might have displayed you an error like “Card Error” due to which you were unable to access the data. Later, you might have removed the card and connected it to your PC to check whether it's working in another PC or not. However, for your surprise, you were still unable to access the data from CF Card. In such situations, no need to get worried as CF Card Recovery software is necessary to know how to recover CF card error and provide access to its data.

General scenarios for CF Card corruption which leads to weird errors:

  • If you remove CF card without turning off the camera, you get an error saying that the CF card is corrupted.
  • Your CF card may also get corrupted when you connect it to virus infected PC via card reader, which can be considered as a common issue.
  • If you try to instantly capture the photos without allowing writing over CF card, then also it might result in errors that inturn leads to data loss.
  • If you have improperly formatted your CF card, you may get format error and all the files in your CF card will be erased.
  • You may also get CF card error when its file system gets corrupted due to common reasons.

No matter how your files are lost from CF card, you doesn’t have to worry because, you can use CF Card Recovery Software to recover CF card error and get back lost or deleted CF card data due to above mentioned scenarios. This software can recover data from different brands of Digital Camera's CF card i.e., it can perform Canon CF card recovery from Canon digital camera's card as well as from Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Kodak CF cards and so on.

Salient features of CF Card Recovery Software:

The CF Card Recovery software is a best recovery application to retrieve deleted or lost photos, movies, songs, videos from corrupted, damaged, formatted and inaccessible CF cards. This software has a built-in special algorithm, which easily allows you to recover different types of files from not recognized CF card on Windows 10 computer. This software also help you in restoring pictures from both Type1 and Type2 CF cards. This software can also easily restore CF card error on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. This tool has intuitive user interface that provide step by step procedure to recover CF card error in an easy way. It retrieve CF card error data from all brands of CF cards like Kingston, HP, SanDisk and many more. This effective CF Card Recovery Software also recover formatted CF card data. It can restore CF card error and make you access all your data from CF Card easily. Once the CF card error recovery process is completed, you can view the recovered files of CF card to ensure the recovery results.

Sometimes, you may find that your CF card has become unreadable when inserted it into camera or computer. Don't have to worry! By using this software, you can easily recover unreadable CF card with utmost ease. This software can also recover both loss and deleted data from CF card.

Steps to recover CF card data after error:

Step 1: Download and install the CF Card Recovery Software and then connect your CF card to perform CF card error recovery. After launching the software, select "Recover Photos" option from the main screen and then select "Recover Lost Photos" option to start CF card error recovery.

CF Card Error Recovery - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: Now, you can see your CF card listed on a screen, select that CF card and click on "Next" option to restore CF card error.

CF Card Error Recovery - CF card Selection Screen

Figure B. Select CF Card

Step 3: Once the CF card error recovery is done successfully, view recovered data using "Preview" option

CF Card Error Recovery - Preview Screen

Figure C. Vew Types

Tips and Suggestions:

  • If your CF card is corrupted and all the files are erased, then it’s better not to use it further.
  • Do not capture and store any new pictures on the CF card from where you have lost the data as it may result in overwrite process and leads to permanent loss.
  • Always take a backup before you format your CF card.

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