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Most of the people take a lot of pictures than ever, which is mainly due to the popularity of digital camera and flash storage device i.e. Memory Cards.  Among all different types of memory cards, CF cards are generally considered as more robust and faster than its thinner and smaller competitors. It provides greater storage capacity and higher read and write speeds. However, there is always a possibility of losing all your data including essential photos due to some reasons. Occasional problem with CF card is, it may get corrupted due to simple reasons.

Consider that you had gone for a trip with your friends. Obviously, you want to capture moments that you have spent with your friends as you may meet them again after a very long time. You took lots of pictures i.e. up to 200 photos using your digital camera that had a CF card in it. While taking the last picture, the camera suddenly displayed “Card Error” and then gets turned off. Again, when you turned on your digital camera, you were getting the same error making all your photos including other files inaccessible. In order to get an access to all your precious photos, you connected the CF card by using a card reader to your computer and tried to access it. However, you encountered the same error!!! This error indicates that your CF card is corrupted. But, what are the reasons behind this corruption?? There are several reasons due to which your CF card may get corrupted.

Virus attacks: It is a common problem due to which your camera’s CF card may get corrupted. Viruses are such programs which destroy the data by replicating themselves. If you connect your CF card to computer that is already infected with viruses then automatically your CF card gets infected with viruses making all your data inaccessible.

Removing the CF card without turning off the camera: Since your camera was having some issues, you just removed the CF card in haste without turning off the camera. When you again turned on the camera, you get an error indicating that the CF card is corrupted or damaged resulting in loss of data

 Instantly capturing photos: If you instantly capture the photos one after the other without waiting for it to be written over the CF card then also you may end up in CF card corruption resulting in loss of photos. This is because, when you shoot the pictures, the buffer holds the images to be written over the CF card. If you instantly capture the photos by abrupting the write process then you may end up in loss of photos

Accidental Deletion of Photos: Sometimes, you may accidentally delete photos from your camera, by pressing "Delete All" button. If you have deleted any single photo or entire images from your camera, just follow this method to undelete pictures from your digital camera.

Even though you are unable to access the photos even after connecting the CF card to your computer, don’t worry!!! You can still recover the photos and all other data by using this professional CF Card Recovery Software. You can perform deleted file recovery from CF card of different types like songs, videos, images, texts, documents, etc. The CF card Recovery Software is specially designed to recover photos, audios, videos and all other types of files from Compact Flash cards. It can easily perform photo recovery from CF card of different famous brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, HP, Lexar etc.

This software also has the ability to restore RAW files from CF card & also other image file formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, etc. after virus attack, faulty firmware, file system corruption, accidental deletion, etc.

This efficient CF Card Recovery tool can also recover CF card data after format with utmost ease. If you have accidentally deleted or lost some files from your CF card and you have a Mac computer instead of Windows Machine to recover it then also don’t worry!!! The Mac version of this software is available, you just need to download the demo version of this software to estimate the recovery results. This software can easily restore data from compact flash card on Mac Snow Leopard, Lion and Mac Leopard Operating Systems.


Procedure to restore data from the corrupt CF card

Step 1: Download the CF card recovery software and install it to recover CF card data. After that, connect the CF card and launch the software. Once the application is launched properly, select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen and then select the “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next window.

CF card Recovery Software - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select corrupted CF card and click on “Next” option to restore the data from CF card

CF card Recovery Tool - CF card Selection Screen

Step 3: After clicking on the “Next” option, the software starts scanning the CF card to recover lost data. Once the scanning and recovery is done successfully, you can view the recovered files using “Preview” option.

Recover data from CF card - Preview Screen

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